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Looking for a special unique purse or handbag?  Tired of keeping up with the girl next door?  If so, Fafa's is the Shoppe for your unique vintage purses, and accessories.  We 100% guarantee heads will turn where ever you go!



Recently, handbags have become more than just an item you carry your personal belongings in.  In past decades your handbag defined your style and your personality.  Celebrities today have started a new trend by defining style with unique, individual handbags. 

Start your own trend, define your own style, at Fafa's!


We offer a large selection of classic handbags, elegant evening purses, and clutches including but not limited to Vintage Bridal Purses, AND Go anywhere purses.  Totes made of unique textures and exciting patterns i.e., Vera Bradley.  Pearls, tapestry, alligator purses, lizard purses, fine leather and suede are available in vintage styles, and are ALWAYS IN STYLE!

Our products are ORIGINAL VINTAGE DESIGNER PURSES, JEWELRY, AND ACCESSORIES.  The items we offer have been hand selected for their outstanding quality and condition.  All of our products have made the journey through time between 30 - 70 years!   

Uncountable repeat customers know that all of our inventory have been cleaned and reconditioned.  Leather treated, fabric, vinyl and interiors cleaned.  This is NOT an auction site or auction store!  We hand select all of our inventory just for you!

FUN FACTS:  If you are looking for perfection, vintage is not for you! 

Terminology:  Mint Condition:  As close to "New" as possible for its age.  No problems. 

Excellent Condition:  Normal ware expected for age.  Any problems are not easily visable. 

Gently Used:  Normal wear expected for age. Shows very minimal wear. 

Used:  A purse that was used every day, not abused.  Shows more notiiceable wear. 

Rest assured, I do not sell unattractive or poor quality handbags.  I hand select each and every purse, and ALL accessories, just for you! 

Thanks.  Fafa

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Fafa's Vintage and Designer Clothing
1615 California St., #403
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 313-4092


Temporary Hours through Corona Virus:  10:30am - 3:30pm Tue, Wed, Fri, and Saturday
Located inside the Yarn Shoppe

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